Project Description


Special Features


A Leading IPLV performance of up to 6,17, EER 4,75 and COP 5,48 are values achieved by using all energy efficiency technologies available today, such as the latest generation EVI ALL DC Inverter compressor, brushless DC Fan motors and a highly efficient e-Pass condenser and plate heat exchanger.

ALL DCI Outdoor

ARV6 Outdoor units are equipped with full DC Inverter technology only. DC Inverter compressors are combined with brushless DC fan motors, bringing better control and lower consumption under all conditions.

High pressure Chamber Compressor

ARV III comes with a specially designed Enhanced Vapor injection high pressure chamber scroll compressor designed in Japan. The compressor is driven by 180 a sine wave control logic delivering brilliant results.

3-Step Sub cooling technologies

An S circuit design heat exchanger built with fish type fins and inner groove, together with a unique AUX two-to-one refrigerant flow design and a sub-cooling plate heat exchanger, all improve heat exchange efficiency.

Twin EXV design

The twin EXV system assures precise load and temperature control, increasing efficiency and user comfort.

Unique oil balance technology

AUX has designed a unique oil balance technology logic, free from extra oil piping.

Backup technology

Compressor, fan motor and module backup logic allows minimum downtime. Random sequence technology operates units and compressors in turn.

Installation convenience

Non polar wires, auto addressing, auto ref charge technology, and black box function are some of the various installation advantages of ARV6


*  Colder, Average, Warmer climate zones for heating operation